Sunday, August 30, 2009

world smallest skatepark

for those of you who don't know me, i'm going for the worlds smallest skatepark in my garage,
and today i'm done with decks and framing. layers are next...

Monday, August 24, 2009

city battle 5 results

let me first say thank you to jan and bert for being the MC and DJ at the contest.
organising a contest can be a lot of work if over 80 bmx'ers show up and and the whole organizing crew exists out of 1 person, namely me.

so on with the results (and sorry for the name spelling):
1 Brian Kuypens
2 James Ysebaert
3 Michael "Evolution team"
4 Martin "Evolution team"
5 Alex Vantomme
6 Nicola "Evolution team"
7 Kevin Jansens
8 Shane
9 Kenneth
10 Diego timmermans
11 Andreas Holvoet
12 Lander Verbeke
13 Antoine Pollet
14 Bram Dellay
15 Amory Eleurkin
16 Simon Herman
17 Stefaan Beruch
18 Jens Breyens
19 Jonas Vanleyseele
20 Jordy Van Meenen
21 Thone Clarisse
22 Sammy Vandiest
23 Shendo Breyens (5 jaar!!!)
24 Ernest Verschure
25 Andries Pauwels
26 Benjamin Holvoet
27 Robin Sinnaeve

1/4 finale:
Gwen/Kenneth beat Bert/ james
Bram/Anthony beat Martin/Michael
Robin/Tom beat BC/ Dieter
Jimmy/Willen Bye
(went throu since kenzo/jelle didn't make it, so they did a demo with Pieter)

1/2 finale:
Robin/tom beat Gwen/kenneth
Jimmy/willem beat Bram/Anthony

Jimmy/Willem beat Robin/Tom

If anyone has pictures or video, let me know...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Saterday = City battle 5

Don't forget to be there!!!
this is the current timetable
xxuxx tot 14u00 practice amateur
14u00 tot 15u00 contest amateur
15u00 tot 15u45 practice pro
15u45 tot 16u45 quarter final battle's
17u00 tot 17u30 half final battle's
17u45 tot 18u00 final battle
18u15 tot 18u30 price ceremony
18u30 tot 19u30 "All I Know"
20u00 tot 21u30 " De Jhonny's"