Thursday, September 23, 2010

this is flatland

practice for the belgian freestyle flatland championship like this:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Crank start jam info...

So here we go with the info for the Crank start jam:
when: Sunday 17 October start at 13:00, first contest at 14:00 end at 18:00
who: everyone who rides a bmx bike
why: because it's fun
what: 5 small contests, during a fun jam, and live music at 16:00

first reason why we do it is to promote the crank sport club,
and even more the insurance that comes with it.
for 22,5€ /year, you can ride save 24/24 all over the world.
but what is more is that the bigger the group is, the easier it becomes
for us to advocate for more and better skateparks, and organize bmx contests
and bmx summer camps.

what contests are we doing:
180: you come out of the big quarter coming from the vert part, and land on the deck backwards. in the air you do what ever you want. (ex. a 540 is basically also a 180 with a 360 in it)

Uitdroppen voor -16j: if you are 15 our less, you can enter this, all you have to do is start in the bowl, and drop out somewhere. easy.

flatland: you drop out on the big platform, do a flatland trick/link, and drop in again. this will be fun because flatlanders can't drop in, and skatepark riders can't flatland

Footdown: everyone starts at the flat bottom of the bowl and starts riding. if you put your foot down, you get out as soon as possible. last rider still riding wins. aside from going over the coping and motor run chainsaws, everything is allowed.

Freestyle: do 1 trick on the vert, in the cradle, over the spine, over a hip, on a quarter and on the box. best overall rider wins.

some last info:
be on time, it's going to get dark soon, and we start the contests on schedule.
if you win are you then really Belgian champion?:
yes. but don't take it very serious.
can you win prices?
no, but you can win a cup and medals and life long bragging rights!

thanks to the city of kortrijk, team jeugd, red bull, ride on and grounded for their support.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crank start jam 17 oktober

thanks to gilles for the flyer.