Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The future of bmx products...

the future is here,
well, for some of use (nerds like me with 3D printers)

i drew this up in sketchup and printed it and it works.
this weekend i'll try some grinds on it as well.

as for the news i was talking about before,
if you like spine mini ramps, you are in luck.
2 times!

more info soon.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

happy new year

best wishes everyone.
2012 is apparently going to be our last year (due to some maya running out of space on his calendar), so lets make it count.

there are a lot of things in the pipeline for bmx here, but i can't release most.
just know it's all good news, and it's going to get only better and better.
to start, they are now stripping the skatepark in kooigem, and are re sheeting it with 3 layers of 8mm plywood.
so everyone who loved kooigem but hated the plastic sheets, you'll get your wish and will have a super fast park.

still to come: 3 things to ride and one contest that is going to rule...