Wednesday, April 24, 2013

12 may Contest

So here is some info for the event:
Grounded is providing bikes, but if you really want to use yours you can (as long as it's all sealed bearings!)
We will also provide wakeboard helmets (water is hard if you hit it wrong)
2 category's, Pro and Amateur
Am's ride for stuff, and the best move on to Pro
Pro rides for cash money. (1st= 300€, 2nd= 240€, 3th=180€, 4th=120 and 5th is 60€)
Best trick (from the whole event) gets 100€ cash
entry fee is as always on crank events free

registration is between 13h30 and 14h (real time, not bmx time!)
14h till 16h is amateur
17h till 18h is pro
times are going to be hold, i still need to dismantle the whole thing after the contest.

if you want to ride, please have some bmx background. 6m high at 70° steep looks like fun on paper,
but it looks like *$#@! when you are standing on top of it!