Sunday, August 22, 2010

City battle 6 report

City battle 6 is back in the history books,
and it was for sure the one with the most riders who attended, because around 3 pm you could count close to 100 bmx bikes and riders, standing in and around the park. it was insane so thanks to everyone who came.

on with the contest then, the idea was to start at 14h, with riders already being there since 9, so we started at 15:30 with amateur, 1:30 to late, or as we call it in freestyle bmx, right on time.
after kenneth tancre (15) did a few backflips during practice the
number of amateur riders competing dropped a lot, but we still had 20 riders competing for all the nice prices from Ride on and Grounded bmx.
Lots of great trick and everyone trying new things, Stephanie was the only girl and droped for the first time from the big 6ft quarter, so respect! Charles at age 10 being a mini mike atkin did a no hander on the box, and added a barspin riding in the landing. everyone had a 1 minute run, but with no one having a watch, it was just ride as long as you want. kenneth ended his run with awesome 1 handed backflips and
no footers to no foot cancan, and won amateur, and its thus no banded from riding amateur contests in belgium (by his father!), but no problem, cause he will for sure
kick ass in the pro class.

1 Kenneth Tancre
2 Cedric Sels
3 Matthias Lessertissaeux
4 JB Colin
5 Lander Verbeke
6 Fleurquin Amaury
7 Charles Brouckaert
8 Felix Gilbert
9 Maxime Soeten
10 Arthur Saulier
11 Stephan Bezuck
12 Antoine Pollet
13 Max D'haene
14 Tuur Legley
15 Tillo Legley
16 Julien Callens
17 Bjarne Vandenheede
18 Nolan Piens
19 Mathieu Locquet
20 Stephanie Reynaert

In pro class not everyone wanted to ride anymore after Kevin Janssens took a bad fall, and had to be taken away with an ambulance, and someone even came ask why the winner didn't enter, after birre decided to take his bike out after the contest and air 2 meter out of everything. so we went direct to the semi finals with the first battle being between Louis Hilton Jones and Anthony Reynaert competing against Gwen Geyskens and Bram De Laat. In Pro we don't use a jury or time, so after everyone had a few runs, we let the public choose who goes on, this works great since riders go for there biggest stuff from the start. for the first semi team Louis/Anthony took it with Louis landing a double whip over the box, and Anthony landing his first ever flair, and directly doing then 3 back to back!
Second semi was between Pieter Possenier and James riding against the street tech team Jelle/Kenzo. This battle was a lot closer but at the end Pieter/James took it with James doing a transfer out the park, and pieter on his 2nd try pulling a 540 tailwhip transfer to the pedals.
The final battle of the day was more of the Louis/Anthony stunt show so they can claim being the best team for a year!

As a final i would like to thank Slampe a lot for stepping in and MC'ing the whole event, you did an awesome job! Also major thank to our sponsors Red Bull, Crank, Grounded BMX, Ride On and the city of Kortrijk because without their support we can't do a contest where you don't have to pay to enter and where everyone walks a way with a few prices.

Thanks to everyone for coming, and see you next year on city battle 7

Friday, August 20, 2010

tomorrow city battle!!!

quick reminder:
be there.
contest starts at 14h
prices for everyone that enters the contest.