Thursday, November 26, 2009

freestyle skatepark.

here is some great news, after newpact burning down, we are finaly getting a new proper skatepark in belgium.
it's called forward freestyle, and it's run by bladers, but's is bmx and skate friendly.
it's opening end of december, and it's going to be great, check these plans:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

picture contest

the city crank bmx is based in (kortrijk) had a picture contest with a sport theme, and i've send in this :
the picture i took is of mike doing a condor, and it got selected in the final 40, and is now in a show in city hall.
now i need your help to vote for it. best 10 get a price, with the winner getting 2000€ towards his basicly, if i win, i'll use it buy wood and build a new skateramp for the city.
you can vote here:
choose picture 14
then select "nee"(="no", unless you want to win a free sauna visit, then select "ja")
then enter your valid email adres.
thats it.
bmx will thank you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

so the jam is over, in the end i was happy with the result and all was good, but i have to say i was worried when it was 1h30 and NO ONE was there.
by 4h in the afternoon it was crouded, but let this be a lesson to you guys, YES, it get's dark after 5h30 in november :)

anyone who didn't make it, but still want's to inscrive for the insurance (everyone should do this!!!) mail me.
it's 22,5€ for a year of worried free bmx'ing.
pictures soon on: