Saturday, January 23, 2010

the generation show

yesterday they aired the generation show here in belgium, it had a BMX item in it with crank team riders:
janne, jimmy, gilles and pieter's 5 econds of fame!

watch it here

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

crank demo's

since the start of crank, now over 10 years ago, people have asked us to do demo's,
and we have done things from small demo's for a junior school, to big summer event demo's all over the country for siemens mobile.
we've also been involved in TV stuff from regional TV stations, to music video's that aired every hour on MTV europe.
this all has been possible thanks to a great team.
and with hannu having 2 world titels (in both expert and master street) we had big names and great riders as well.
well, i'm very happy to say that we are adding some great team riders,
they both did allreaddy some demo's with us, but now they are official crank riders.
what ever that may mean!

first up is belgians best flatland rider: gilles van de sompel
check him on

second rider is non other that jimmy van belle
he has been a great friend and insane rider and can proof it
only 19 year old, but allreaddy 2 world titles (expert mini in '05 and master vert in '09)
jimmy is also the only rider i now who uses frontflips and 720's to exit a skatepark.

more news on this later. and some more fun news later as well...