Sunday, May 30, 2010

fool jam is over

the fool jam is done, and it was fun
i had to go work at 5:30 just when it began to rain a little,
so i have no idea who won or who did what, so get that info from
everyone likes riding that bowl, and thats enough for me.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hurray for me!!!

fuck yeah!!! i made it.
on 11 may 1985 my dad took me to makro (huge super marked), to get me a bike.
i choose a 20" BMX bike and it changed my life.

we are now 25 years later and i still ride a 20" bmx bike

the reason i still know the date is that my dad doesn't trow out anything, and 5 years ago he gave me the bill from the store (it was 2999 bfr or about 75$)
i still have it, but it's so faded i'm afraid to frame it, so i keep it out of the light all the time.

anyway, bmx has thus far allowed me to see the world, make lot's of friend all over it, start our own Little bmx company with friends and later transform it to an official sportclub that allows every rider to get insurance for cheap (22€/year!)
it also allowed me to learn build ramps and later do this on a professional scale, and spend 2.500.000 € of Belgian tax money on public skate parks all over this country, and even build me my own small skate park.

to keep it short, bmx made me in what i am today, and I'm very happy how i turned out. it also put me on a first name base with most doctors at the local ER, but hey, matt hoffman said it best: pain is temporary, bones heal but womans dig scars and glory is forever!