Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

results BK 2012

bellow are the results from last weekends BK.
everyone who didn't make the top 3 got 4th place, so well done!

uitdroppen - 16jaar:
brons: Harley Baes (540 to fakie)
zilver: Roby Burchgraeve (360 ET)
goud: Amaury Fleurquin (360 tailwhip)

best 180:
brons: Stephan Bezuck (180 tailwhip)
zilver: Amaury Fleurquin (540 to fakie)
goud: Kenneth Tancré (180 slow bar)

brons: Robin Vuylstekker
zilver: Harley Baes
goud: Doohan Claeys

brons: Barre Neirynck
zilver: Nils Buyse
goud: Gilles van de sompel

BK Freestyle:
brons: Amaury Fleurquin
zilver: Stephan Bezuck
goud: Kenneth Tancré