Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saterday 28 april shedual

hello, for those wondering, the spine and the resi are ready this is what we will be doing:
13.00 start event, resi session and warm up
sometime later: start amateur
more later: music group number one (i think x-possed)
then: start pro there after: music group 2 (forgot who, sorry)
then: price ceremony amateur, opening park (read: free beer!),
 and best trick contest and BSD premiere
and then: music group 3 (All i Know) 

as for the contest, it's very simple, you get 3 runs, best run counts.
 points go like this:
 -drop in: you get 20 points for free
 -spine: get up to 20 points for the spine trick
 -fly out: get up to 20 points for the fly out trick
 -jump box: get up to 20 points for the jumpbox trick
 -resi: get up to 20 points for the resi trick.

 as for the resi, let me make it clear. i know you can do nice turndowns.
don't do them on the resi. flip it. thats why i build it.

prices: amateur is free to enter, and i'll try to give everyone a price. cool.

pro is 10€ (sorry, i need to ask money for insurance reason)
pay out: 1st = 150€; 2nd = 100€; 3th = 75€; 4th = 50€ ; 5th = 25€
best trick is going to be on the resi and it's 100€ for best trick.
we will do a 15 minute jam i think. 

there. if you have any more questions, don't ask them. i don't even care.

Monday, April 9, 2012

opening mini ramp waregem

it's almost ready, opening this sunday!

pictures of the building can be found HERE