Thursday, June 4, 2015

30 year of riding BMX!!!

12 may 1985 was a important date for me as it was the day my dad bought me my very first 20" BMX bike. (a german made BMX bought at makro for 2999 Bfr)
So as some of you know i started filming for my 30 years in bmx edit by going for big rails again.
Well, filming ended with me not landing a 20+ stair rail and loosing some teeth and waking up in the ER room. I still had enough footage for the edit, but as luck will have it, my Editor also went down and also had a concussion. So don't worry, there will be an edit coming out, i just don't know when.

as for dates: saterday 22 august 2015 is city battle 11 in kooigem
 and saterday 26 september 2015 is a huge BMX contest at the skatebowl followed with a music festival.