Monday, December 28, 2009

the tubes are in...

this is what 500€ inner tubes look like...
so don't worry if you blow a tire during your next contest in belgium,
just as the rider, tubes are no secured as well...

Friday, December 25, 2009

skatepark news...

So with the time off x-mas and so, here is some skatepark updates:

they have found a new building and started building from zero.
according true the info, using frank's topramps "unique" construction technique
in short, the ramps will again be build without 2x4's and will move when you ride them...

skatepark is open, and according to pictures looks good.
as for what i've heard, it's plastic pegs only, but i don't mind that.

racebikes only.

is finaly being build!
so far the good news i'm afraid.
it's being build by olivier construct from izegem!!!
they do build very nice roads and bridges.
it's going to prefab, and the old bad plan is now changed in a lite version of that plan.
so good job oostende on spending lot's of €'s on a 70's style snakerun.
next time use a skatepark builder.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

remember the picture contest?

We won!
yep, 5th place in the main competition, and thats good for 500€ (=$730),
and the picture is going to be published what is even better.
the plan is to go to the decathlon superstore here and buy 500€ inner tubes!
then everyone who ever brakes one at one of our contests will get a new one for free.
this should last us a few years.
beside it, it will be cool to just go order so many tubes.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i'll be in barca from feb 20 till feb 23.
if you want to come let me know.
ryanair is having a sale:
tickets are 50€ for a return from charleroi to girona
this includes all taxes and visa costs, and 1 bag of 15 kg (to put you bike in, just don't tell them)
if you want to take your bike like it is, straight to the plane, it will cost you 100€ including everything (20€ ticket, + 40€ each way for your bike)
still very cheap.

ps: notice the star on the top of your screen next to Crank?
you have no idea how proud i am that i got it their.
took me 6 months to figure that one out.
yes, i'm still a nerd.

Back online

We are back online.
i've got my own server again, so fuck you telenet.

and a fast news:
mike and me got an invite in the town theater to go to the price ceremony of the picture contest.
things are looking good!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

freestyle skatepark.

here is some great news, after newpact burning down, we are finaly getting a new proper skatepark in belgium.
it's called forward freestyle, and it's run by bladers, but's is bmx and skate friendly.
it's opening end of december, and it's going to be great, check these plans:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

picture contest

the city crank bmx is based in (kortrijk) had a picture contest with a sport theme, and i've send in this :
the picture i took is of mike doing a condor, and it got selected in the final 40, and is now in a show in city hall.
now i need your help to vote for it. best 10 get a price, with the winner getting 2000€ towards his basicly, if i win, i'll use it buy wood and build a new skateramp for the city.
you can vote here:
choose picture 14
then select "nee"(="no", unless you want to win a free sauna visit, then select "ja")
then enter your valid email adres.
thats it.
bmx will thank you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

so the jam is over, in the end i was happy with the result and all was good, but i have to say i was worried when it was 1h30 and NO ONE was there.
by 4h in the afternoon it was crouded, but let this be a lesson to you guys, YES, it get's dark after 5h30 in november :)

anyone who didn't make it, but still want's to inscrive for the insurance (everyone should do this!!!) mail me.
it's 22,5€ for a year of worried free bmx'ing.
pictures soon on:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

website down

as you can see, the website is sort of down,
i'm working on it...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sunday 8 November

mark your agenda,
sunday 8 november is starting activety of the new format of crank.
with a jam at the bowl that is going to include fun contests, music and a free BBQ
we are now recognized as a real sporting club by the city of kortrijk,
and Sporta (part of bloso/BOIC)
this means that you now can become a member with us, and as in any other sportclub,
get insurence for riding freestyle BMX!!!
this means that if you fall during riding, it won't cost you a single euro!

it took some time, but i'm glad we pulled it off and i want to thank everyone who has helped.

So what is the deal?
well, you get either a membership of 10€/year, and then you are coverd for all the activety's we do (this is for the occasional K-town) bowl riders
OR you pay the extra 12,5€ (so 22,5€/year) and then you are coverd for riding bmx, 24/24 all over the world!!!
We strongly advice you to choose the last option.

there you go, more info comming later...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Great news for crank BMX...

We are in the proces of transforming crank from demo team and contest organizers,
to a real sport club where people can become a member,
and get a insurence for riding and practising BMX.

For starters it's going to be mainly focust on riders from around K-town, but the idea is to be open for all riders from belgium.

Plan is that we will have sessions at least once a week where you can come ride, and learn new stuff, and know from advance that there will be a lot of riders there.
The idea is to then also expand and organize BMX camps, and join together to go to contests.

If people from other city's are working on similar things, or if you want to join us, let me know...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

world smallest skatepark

for those of you who don't know me, i'm going for the worlds smallest skatepark in my garage,
and today i'm done with decks and framing. layers are next...

Monday, August 24, 2009

city battle 5 results

let me first say thank you to jan and bert for being the MC and DJ at the contest.
organising a contest can be a lot of work if over 80 bmx'ers show up and and the whole organizing crew exists out of 1 person, namely me.

so on with the results (and sorry for the name spelling):
1 Brian Kuypens
2 James Ysebaert
3 Michael "Evolution team"
4 Martin "Evolution team"
5 Alex Vantomme
6 Nicola "Evolution team"
7 Kevin Jansens
8 Shane
9 Kenneth
10 Diego timmermans
11 Andreas Holvoet
12 Lander Verbeke
13 Antoine Pollet
14 Bram Dellay
15 Amory Eleurkin
16 Simon Herman
17 Stefaan Beruch
18 Jens Breyens
19 Jonas Vanleyseele
20 Jordy Van Meenen
21 Thone Clarisse
22 Sammy Vandiest
23 Shendo Breyens (5 jaar!!!)
24 Ernest Verschure
25 Andries Pauwels
26 Benjamin Holvoet
27 Robin Sinnaeve

1/4 finale:
Gwen/Kenneth beat Bert/ james
Bram/Anthony beat Martin/Michael
Robin/Tom beat BC/ Dieter
Jimmy/Willen Bye
(went throu since kenzo/jelle didn't make it, so they did a demo with Pieter)

1/2 finale:
Robin/tom beat Gwen/kenneth
Jimmy/willem beat Bram/Anthony

Jimmy/Willem beat Robin/Tom

If anyone has pictures or video, let me know...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Saterday = City battle 5

Don't forget to be there!!!
this is the current timetable
xxuxx tot 14u00 practice amateur
14u00 tot 15u00 contest amateur
15u00 tot 15u45 practice pro
15u45 tot 16u45 quarter final battle's
17u00 tot 17u30 half final battle's
17u45 tot 18u00 final battle
18u15 tot 18u30 price ceremony
18u30 tot 19u30 "All I Know"
20u00 tot 21u30 " De Jhonny's"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

and the good news...

BMX City Battle 5
sat august 22 Kooigem, Belgium

Be there...

and the bad news

pieter broke his ankle again.
if someone got a spare tendons they don't use anymore,
send it to him...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

RIP Basil 19/02/07 till 7/7/09

Basil left us today after being sick a few day.
but as they say: "heaven is a halfpipe",
we know he will now be in a better place.

as a tribute, i've added the video again of basil dropping in his halfpipe:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

let it ride...

let it ride is over, and it was verry cool.
ben hennon won with the most insance move, by jumping the center hip from side to side.
it's just a huge distance, and after he pulled it, he went back and did a no-hander over the thing.
he is just nuts.
some other guys did more things, and you will read about it the magazines.

and sean burns is the coolest guy ever.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1 may riding

I found this rail at 100m from my work, so i had to go try it.
also, jan his first real rail, and mike just being back from 6 months new zeeland.

Monday, May 11, 2009

come to kortrijk june 6th

check it out:
best contest of the year in K-town.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

results concrete fury 3

top 5 pro is
1. Bruno Hoffman
2. Jimmy Vanbelle
3. Jelle Harnisfeger
4. Robin Piret
5. Thijs Vervaeck

1. Sander Debaere and Kenny Spinoy
3. Marc Heinrich
4. WIllem Van Gansen
5. Arno Van Rossem

the contest was awesome, and we are looking forward to see jelle battle it out with chase hawk next month...

as for who did what from the crank team:
jan was MC'ing the event,
mike got lost in the bowl,
and i pulled 1 trick.
and we all had a great time.

and big up for jimmy for trying the most insane whip i have ever seen.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Contest 26 april

Be there!!!
1st 3 places in pro gives you a special ticket for a invite contest...
more info soon (cause i allreaddy said to much)

Friday, March 27, 2009


Pieter and Jan went to st-niklaas this weekend, and decided to take the camera out for 1 hour. this is what they came up with...

My hamster thinks he is jamie bestwick. here he is dropping in, in his vert ramp.

old stuff

i'm trying to get some rss feed thing going here. if i figure out how to write one, i'll be able to update more. but for now, how is the situation of the team? well, hannu became the full time pro whe tought he would, and is now with eastpack, wethepeople, etnies and carhartt.
his brother is also riding verry good.
Mike runs the bmx shop Ride on, and is now allreaddy 3 months in new zeeland where he recently won a contest.
I have no idea what seppe is doing apart from the fact that he owns a bar in st-niklaas.
robby is still taking pictures and putting stuff on fire, so he basicly is still doing the same stuff as when we started 10 years ago. if you need fireworks...
thiery is also still riding... and not only his way to big jeep.
as for me, pieter, still riding, building a skatebowl in my garage, and just landed my first ever wallride to whip, so who said you can't learn an old dog new tricks.
as for new riders, as of now, janne is also officialy sponsord by crank bmx, he just doesn't know it yet.

4 years no news, this has to be the record. anyway, we are back online!!!


there will be a new crank jam, and this time it will be at one of our public parks. the jam will take place at skatepark the warande on sunday 8 may. there will be more info about it either here and on crimescene

as for the public parks we where going to get, the counter is now at 6, and not at 3 like said here a few years ago.
we are also doing another demo on sunday 3 april in kortrijk if i'm not mistaking. it has something to do with the "tour of flanders".


the flyers are online (go to main page). crank jam sunday 25th april @ ZumieZ


Wow, new no update records. i'm really proud!

here we go: just had a contest in st-niklaas, with hannu, seppe and sig in resp. first, second and third place. to give you some example about a run, this are somethings seppe did, 360 tailwhip a boxjump, a spine and a fly out. a backflip to super hight walltap, and a perfect wallride to tailwhip. did i alreaddy told you those guys rule? me (pieter) and mike didn't road due to not beeing 100%, but we did the contest before, mike rode great and i crashed another flip-whip. well, i atleast got the frame back under me. it will happen some day...


i suck on updates but this beats them all. yeah, sorry.

lots of news, after the worlds the Cools brothers kept on winning contests left right and center. pieter, seppe, sig hannu and long time friend nico vinck went to the urban games and to a surprize no one even made the finals witch was new for us, since hannu beat most of the people in the final during the worlds. cool contest however (appart from the rain, and a verry nice crash on a flipwhip from pieter). seppe, sig and hannu got 3 to 1 on the first ever belgian bmx battle, so that is cool. also the demo's where on this summer, the new box rules and we were able to try 3 man train 360 whips. seppe also landed his first ever on a box, witch was cool. some updates regarding sponsors, hannu is now riding pro team for wethepeople. sig, hannu and seppe got a shoe deal with DVS. pieter got one with etnies. the same 4 also got stuff from troy lee design and decoy from the road trip. i'll update when the DVD is out...


results from the worlds, both sig and hannu made it to the finals, and hannu even got a 6th place just missing out on a x-games ticket. he also did the worlds highest fufanu during his run. there will be road trip for madd house really soon with pieter, sig and seppe, toghether with some friends of us. more news about that soon.


more news, mike and pieter had to ride bmx for a music video from the belgium punk rock band janez detd.
they made a cover from mala vida from mano negra, and it's a great song. watch mtv europe in a week or 2 when it will air for the first time. we had to jump over a swimming pool, and pieter was able to nearly crash on 2 takes.
we are also doing a lot of demo's everywhere this summer, so come watch us a time.
and for they who want, we have some baseball team shirts left (just a few, be quick) they are only 20€ and are available in full sleeve white/red or white/black and also some in 3/4 sleeve and no sleeve lady fits


lots of news again. Hannu is on a road trip in the uk with we the people and will probably have a really good time there.
Thierry still can't really ride, but his skating is improving, lets say he can do a lot yet, but he crashes a lot les than when pieter tried to drop in. sig and seppe are studying so we wish them good luck.


yeah, i know... well anyway, a lot of stuff happend. the new jump box for demo's is almost readdy. so expect some cool stuff from that. thierry broke his wrist or something, so he's out. today he also learn'd to drop with a skateboard. we have new team shirts, like baseball type shirts, and they come with our names on the back. we also made some girly baseball shirts with and without sleeves, and they sold so quick that i can't sell them on the site. i'll have pictures soon. we have a lot of new stuff, so keep watching.


still haven't got any results from fise. there will be a jam in our city Kortrijk (belgium) to show the bikers and skaters the 3 new skateparks that we will get, and to tell them when they will be readdy. it's on the new skate floor in the warande on 10 may. the crank team will give a BMX demo. if you also want a demo from us, let me know.


yes, i know, it's been a month ago, i suck. Well, anyway, the crank jam was a lot of fun. over 100 people and some verry nice riding going on. the contest was also fun. Amateur had a good turn out with first 3 places going to riders from ireland, rusia and france.

pro was laid back and in jam format, with the first 4 places going to belgium riders, witch once more shows that we are just better :-) ,sig got first and hannu got second. mike did really well and got 4th, and i(pieter) was the last to get in the prizes with a 10th place. thanks to all the sponsors. and look forward to seeing the report in a video mag. i'll try to keep you more updated (try).


just a few days before the jam. you better make shure you will be there. and as for more info, it's going to be kick ass.

some times: start is at 14u00, the am contest will be a single 1 minute run+ best trick. this will start at 17u00. pro will be a jam format with 3 riders at the time for 5 minutes+ final trick. after party in 't arsenaal with stella at 0.80€ and duvel at 1.20€

as for the war. FUCK OFF MISTER BUSH


some things to say: crankjam is going to be awesome. to give some names, from France we have the twenty team and from the UK we have riders from the odyssey team with James Hitchcox, Fragle and Brownie.

Pieter and Mike are off to the south of france for a project with the city to go see and ride the bowls in marseille and montpellier. everything payed for by the city. Sweet. and after working for years with the city we are now going to see results, since there are 3 parks comming for a total of 370.000€

How does it feel to do a wallride to tailwhip to switch wallride to downside tailwhip? ask Sig!


we have been to the home made jam in holland, and it was great. check the video at, it has hannu his wallride in it. to say that wallride was way to big is an understatement, it was huge. for results, we all rode pro, hannu 1st, sig 6th (way under scored), seppe 14, pieter 20 and thierry 27. there where lots of country's represent, and it was super fun. i'll post some pictures later.


the info for the jam is one the site. click


important information crank is holding another crank jam/contest at skatepark the ZumieZ Sunday 30 march.

we want you all to be there, and expect more news really soon...


The contest in Roeselare is over, and it was fun. There could have been more riders or more ramps or more public, but thats allways the case. In the contest, Thierry sandbagged and entert amateur. needless to say, he won, and even got a 100 from one of the jury after a fakie wallride way higher than should be possible. Pieter and Mike both rode pro for the first time, and after screwing up his first run, pieter came back for a second and started doing flips for the public. Mike rode great and got a well deserved 5th place. For the first place it was the cools borthers show again. Hannu was just back from snow boarding, and tried a new trix. 720 over the box, and pulled it after 3 tries. good for a second place. Sig won and after about 4 minutes after his run and still trying his final trix he pulled a 360 tailwhip to the pedals. he rules.


Seppe can ride again.


Happy new year every body, and i hope to see you all at the contest (see down). the saterday after the jam we all come down to the ZumieZ, as we rented it out for a bike only jam. i just got the official flyer of the jam, and without me(pieter) knowing, they used a picture i shot from mike, so thats fun.


info for the contest in roeselare belgium. The contest will be on sunday 5 januari with qualification from 10 till 12 in the morning (what the fuck?) and best 10 in both am and pro go to the final.
They call it am and expert, but i think as soon as hannu and sig enter, they should call it pro. On saterday 04 januari there is a change for everybody to come ride from 13.00 till 18.00, and after that there are free concerts. everything takes place at: Kerelsplein in Roeselare, Acasiastraat 6.
and to end with another new and stupid trick pieter is trying, ever seen a 540 backflip to fakie?


hannu and sig showed up at the ZumieZ with a camera team. So it was fun again. Sig was trying to tailwhip to 50/50 grind a picknick table. (yes, read that again). Mike is going on some road trip to france tonight, and still no results about that dirt contest. I just know that bibi was 2nd, hannu 3th and sig 6th.


Just in, there was a dirt contest in belgium during a moto-x event, and Mike and Thierry have been working there all week to get the jumps readdy. Both Sig and Hannu made it to the finals. I'll post more when i have more info


Hannu Cools scored a 2nd place at "Les Vibrations Urbaines" (human vibrations) in Pessac, France. big 360 transfers and backwards wallrides, was enough to win from the other pro riders as Butcher, St├ęphane Renaud and Dimitry Ivanov. But, what is even more, first place went to his brother and team mate Sig Cools. Sig now can do about every trick out of a wallride, and during the contest he demonstrated that with a wall to 540 and wall to tailwhip. that with his smooth style was enough to win his first pro contest, so congratulations to both.

First and second for the crank team. Sweet.


allong with adding a new year, Pieter Possenier has got another pressent for his birthday. A no-foot cancan tailwhip going wrong left Pieter with 3 pulled tendons in his left ankle, We told him he still has one left, but he will be
off his bike for at least 2 months, and then ride slowly for probably another 2 months.


the worlds once more prooved to be the best contest there is, and Hannu Cools once more took a title home. this time it was master street, so he now has been the world champion for 3 years in a row (there wasn't one last year, but he won the year before also). Sig got a 7th place in both street and mini. other things include a backflip to sprocket from Pieter, Pedal to 270 out to manuals from Mike, and the fact that we all had a super great time.


Seppe has to have some surgery on his knee, and is walking around with his own CTI2 brace. he won't be able to ride untill next year. Man, that sucks. hang in there Seppe.

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