Friday, December 25, 2009

skatepark news...

So with the time off x-mas and so, here is some skatepark updates:

they have found a new building and started building from zero.
according true the info, using frank's topramps "unique" construction technique
in short, the ramps will again be build without 2x4's and will move when you ride them...

skatepark is open, and according to pictures looks good.
as for what i've heard, it's plastic pegs only, but i don't mind that.

racebikes only.

is finaly being build!
so far the good news i'm afraid.
it's being build by olivier construct from izegem!!!
they do build very nice roads and bridges.
it's going to prefab, and the old bad plan is now changed in a lite version of that plan.
so good job oostende on spending lot's of €'s on a 70's style snakerun.
next time use a skatepark builder.

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