Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i'll be in barca from feb 20 till feb 23.
if you want to come let me know.
ryanair is having a sale:
tickets are 50€ for a return from charleroi to girona
this includes all taxes and visa costs, and 1 bag of 15 kg (to put you bike in, just don't tell them)
if you want to take your bike like it is, straight to the plane, it will cost you 100€ including everything (20€ ticket, + 40€ each way for your bike)
still very cheap.

ps: notice the star on the top of your screen next to Crank?
you have no idea how proud i am that i got it their.
took me 6 months to figure that one out.
yes, i'm still a nerd.

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