Tuesday, November 17, 2009

picture contest

the city crank bmx is based in (kortrijk) had a picture contest with a sport theme, and i've send in this : http://www.kortrijk.be/files/kortrijk/Foto_albums/Sportdienst40_fotowedstrijd/14.jpg
the picture i took is of mike doing a condor, and it got selected in the final 40, and is now in a show in city hall.
now i need your help to vote for it. best 10 get a price, with the winner getting 2000€ towards his sportclub.so basicly, if i win, i'll use it buy wood and build a new skateramp for the city.
you can vote here:
choose picture 14
then select "nee"(="no", unless you want to win a free sauna visit, then select "ja")
then enter your valid email adres.
thats it.
bmx will thank you.

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